Coagulometer CC - 4000
Modern, 5-channel and 3-path Coag Chrom 4000 (CC-4000) coagulometer performing all coagulation assays using the chronometric, chromogenic, and immunochemical methods

We are proud to present CC-4000 – a Polish semi-automatic coagulometer, performing all coagulation assays using the following methods: chronometric, chromogenic, and immunochemical.

Our products are used by professionals

The device is designed for medium and large analytical laboratories which, in addition to classic coagulation assays, perform the ATII and D-Dimer assays.

Technical parameters
Test scope:
  • PT (czas, wskaźnik PT, INR, Quick)
  • APTT (czas, ratio)
  • TT (czas, ratio)
  • Fibrynogen (g/l)
  • Czynniki krzepnięcia
  • Antytrombina (% aktywności)
  • Plazminogen
  • Białko C
  • Alfa-2-antyplazmina (a2 - AP)
  • D-Dimery (µg/l)
  • Other:
  • RS232 interface for connecting to a computer network
  • Auxiliary programs: Quality Control, Statistics and Archiving, Technical Control
  • Overall dimensions: 45 cm x 33 cm x 12 cm
  • Weight: 5 kg