bioksel 6100

Automatic coagulation analyzer
Add patient samples at any time without stopping the analyser (random access).

We are proud to present bioksel 6100 – a Polish fully automatic coagulometer, performing all coagulation assays using the following methods: chronometric, chromogenic, and immunochemical.

Our products are used by professionals

The device is designed for medium and large analytical laboratories where automation of measurements, high performance, and low cost of assays are required.

bioksel 6100
Technical parameters
Test scope:
  • PT + fibrynogen (czas, wskaźnik PT, INR, Quick, fibrynogen)
  • APTT (czas, ratio)
  • TT (czas, ratio)
  • Fibrynogen (g/l)
  • Czynniki krzepnięcia
  • Antytrombina (% aktywności)
  • Plazminogen
  • Alfa-2-antyplazmina (a2 - AP)
  • D-dimery (µg/dl)
  • Białko C
  • Other:
  • Bidirectional communication within the laboratory network
  • Mobile bar code reader
  • Dimensions: width 70 cm, depth 50 cm, height 40 cm, weight: 35 kg
  • Power supply: 220/230 V, 200 VA